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What We Do

Exam.ng is an Cloud Examination Platform that allows  institutions conduct examinations remotely for their candidates and ensures the integrity of the process using tools like Live & Remote Proctoring, Artificial Intelligence, Browser lock down to mention a few.


Examination Core Platform

Various Types of Questions

  • Mulitple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Essay/Theory Question
  • Gap Match (Fill in the Gaps)
  • Associate Interaction
  • Order Interaction

Candidate Registration

  • Unique Login and Password for Candidates
  • Bulk import of candidates
  • Group Classification of Exam Candidates

Examination Delivery

  • Flexible Start and End Dates & Time
  • Unanswered submission warnings
  • Examination Review Section
  • Rich Text Editor
  • MathML and Latex options
  • Candidate On-boarding Email
  • Seamless Navigation

Grading / Responses

  • Auto Grading for MCQ, Gap Match, etc
  • Preview Responses
  • Score Short answer or essay questions using Marking Guide / Sectional Grading
  • Disable Grading (For Sections With Optional Answers e.g Answer 2 out of 4)
  • Download Responses
  • Send Candidate Results by Email
  • Withhold Examination Result

Live Proctoring

  • Authorize candidates to start Exam
  • Live Monitoring of Candidates Computer Screen, Video, Audio and Mobile Views
  • Deflective Audio indicator
  • Communicate with Candidate in Single Mode
  • Pause or Stop Candidate Examinations due to irregularities
  • Monitor up to 25 candidates per screen

Record & Review

  • Record Candidates Computer Screen, Video, Audio and Mobile Views
  • Record Proctor Audio when used in single mode
  • Synchronized streams of audio, video, mobile, screen streams
  • Combined Playback of all streams
  • Video Retention for 3 months (but can be extended on client’s cost or backed up elsewhere), etc.

Candidate On-boarding

  • Browser Compatibility Check
  • Microphone Check
  • Speaker Check
  • Camera Resolution Check
  • Network Check
  • Candidate Facial Photo Registration
  • ID Card Registration

Artificial Intelligence

  • Multiple Facial Detection
  • Unrecognized Candidate 
  • Undetected Face Anomalies
  • Review of Multiple Face Detection, Unrecognized Candidate and Undetected Faces after Examination Completion with Timestamp

360 Mobile Camera View

  • Used as alternative Video View of Candidate Taking an Exam
  • Runs on Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Possible angles include Candidate’s Table view, Back view or Side view
  • Automatic connection upon registration
  • Block user access to exam until Mobile view is connected, etc.

Browser Lockdown

  • Integration with the renowned Safe Exam Browser
  • Screen Lock feature (candidate screen is locked only to exam interface)
  • Disable all system applications by default
  • Block Multiple Screens
  • Block Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Block Right Click
  • Exit Password feature, etc

The Journey in 4 steps

Set up Exam with your questions, date and timing details

Add Candidates for the Exam with Access details

Candidates launch to the platform to submit answers

Grade Candidate answers and Send results

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